Tubecoin is a decentralised digital currency built using the Bitcoin core. It is a SHA256 encrypted blockchain providing the
ability to transact globally across borders without middlemen. This coin will be two years old in March 2017,
it’s hardfork was committed in April 2015.
(Previous OP for historic reference and introductory information –


We are intending of using Tubecoin as a type of voting for videos on our website, where contestants/uploaders can upload their favorite video for you to judge (similar to X-factor) or comment on. The first 5 top votes will share the pot(Tubes). I will be putting up 1000 Tube a month towards the pot, Tube holders can donate if they wish to either me (which will be added to the pot) or to the video they like, the option will be open for any contestants/uploaders to share their Tubecoin address with their video.

We can also use this coin once it get popular for many other things like ATM cards etc… We’re open to suggestions, It’s a new coin so i don’t want to promise something i can’t deliver.

I don’t want this coin to be just another pump and dump coin, I’d like to see it grow along with the community, together we can make this happen.


Algo: SHA256
Abbreviation: Tube
Timing of block (in seconds) : 60
Difficulty Retarget every block
Coins per Block (during POW phase) :3
Total POW: 150,000 coins  (ended 30th March 2015)

Block number when POW ends : Block 50000
POS interest per year : 125% annually (up from original 2.25%) hard fork 21/04/2015
Min stake age : 24 hours
Max stake age : 30 days

If you’re building on Linux NOTE: Manually change the permission to Tube>>src>>leveldb>>build_detect_platform to 755
chmod 755 src/leveldb/build_detect_platform

No need for a Tubecoin.conf we use a seeder, but a list of nodes can be used if you require from!network

Windows Wallets:
With Logo

Without Logo

Mac OSX Wallet

Linux Wallet




Launch was: Friday 03/13/15 at 21 GMT




Translations = 100 Tubecoin
VPS Nodes = 100 Tubecoins  Instructions

Please note: this coin is full POS (125% annual reward).

100 TubeCoin

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100 TubeCoin's  as a test listing, I will sell to the winner + extra bonus coins!

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